Of the bloggers, for the bloggers, by a blogger

Bhumika : Finally, this post is up. Long, long ago, (on Blog day to be precise) I had told Gabby about a post I had up my sleeve. More than Gabs, Smiley has been waiting for it. So smiley, finally the answer to your regular question since then, to every single post of mine is, “Yes, this is the post I meant”. Here goes.

Bloggers are so many,
real meetings so few,

If you were in my situation,
what would you do?

Haven’t met any, in this part of the world,
so here’s my way of having a teté-a-teté.

Hope you can also identify with,
what my wild imagination can create!

Leela Absolutely Leela! Her surname isn’t Arora, else, this would have been a perfect match! I am guessing “Lilla” means little, in Swedish, since “Pikku” means little in Finnish.

AlphaAlpha – the Sridevi of blogosphere :).

Harneet“Herne” means peas in Finnish.. “Herneet” is also another version of the same. Now I know where the word “mattar gashti” came from :). Harneet is the only blogger out of all these, that I have met in person also.

GratisgabGratisgab, is one blogger, who I think instantly reacts to what I deem reactionworthy in my posts. Most of the times, ppl react to everything else, leaving out what I think is worth observing.

Serena Have never interacted with Serena, not even in blogosphere. But have seen her around in the same area that I frequent. Serena is the name of a place here. It also has a waterworld kind of resort.

Me! Last but not the least, that’s me! Of course I should have been there to meet all of them. :).

I thought I would definitely bump into Patrix too, in form of a St. Patrix or something. Though I didn’t, I certainly came across what I thought was quite a resemblance of Patrix. Click “Photo of Patrick” in this.

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