Daily Archives: October 28, 2005

Of snowflakes and quick breaks

I have been powdered over. As I walk back from office, I can see white swirls all over my hair.. the whole place has that bluish tinge. The night is not black any more. It’s blue. It’s started snowing since Monday. Sigh..I am more of a summers person. I don’t get all mushy when snow falls. It’s the snow that does. I don’t get all excited seeing everything only in white, forget black & white. I need colour. If I had to see white flakes, I would just look at my own reflection in the mirror sans moisturiser. I don’t need lessons in skiing. Every day is a new lesson in the art of balance. It pays to know your own centre of gravity and of course your weight. Plus that weight of the groceries. Plus that weight on your mind. But it does feel nice to imagine that now I have the freedom to build those unearthly snowmen like Calvin. In a span of 4 months, I have seen spring, summer, rains, autumn and now snow too. Wow.

Actually speaking snow does make me feel nice and lucky also. When it reminds me of a skimpily-clad-Sonam or a baring-it-all Kimi Katkar or even a I’m-still-in-south-India ‘Chandni’ aka Sridevi, braving the snow during their respective scenes. It also gives me a sense of “making a mark”. Somehow when I walk along those deserted roads, with those swirly things dancing in my hair, I start identifying with
“tum samein kee ret par, chhodte chalo nishan, chhodte chalo nishaan;
Dekhti tumhe zameen, dekhta hai asmaan, dekhta hai asmaan”.

It’s time for some “art of balance” and hence I am off to Switzerland for a quick trip. Wish you all a happy, colourful, sparkling, joyous, prosperous, safe and if you desire – snowy – Diwali!!!