Daily Archives: October 5, 2005

A breather 1

…is what I want right now. I am drowning in a lot of things on work front and personal front both. Also on my agenda is a rushed trip to Paris – the romance capital, with guess whom – I, me and myself. (Wow, I have choice on which one to call Irene). As of now, not only do I need to “finnish” my work, give myself some much needed peace of mind and purge all those thoughts niggling at my mind for quite some time, but also need to chalk out an itinerary for the 4 days I spend in Paris. I also need to find myself a soft copy of the Da Vinci code, which I know very well, I would not be able to scan before I visit the Louvre museum. I also need to get a jhatpat crash course on *how* to use my hi-fi new digicam that is the most expensive impulsive shopping I ever did, last night, just so that I have a good camera before leaving for Paris. My good old Sony handycam met with a much tragic accident – OJ spill. It’s no consolation that it’s such a common thing that it’s even got an abbreviation on the net – this orange juice spill thing. The faithful old thing still clicks great pictures, but unfortunately no movies, and I almost feel disloyal by beginning to use the new Canon Powershot S2 IS. As if all the above mentioned things aren’t enough, apparently now I have more attachment to my non-living posessions than even my own colleagues or the neighbour’s kids.

Ho-hum. Well anyway, I can put “buying a new camera” as trying to give some competition to a certain Leonardo da vinci, in the reproducing-the-subtle-smile-of-a-lady department. Hopefully that smile would be my own.