July 31, 2006


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The Delhi blogger’s meet (XIIth) concluded on 29th July’06 in Cafe turtle, Khan market. Some highlights :

1. Cafe turtle is a cosy place (read it’s good for twosomes or even threesomes but not 22somes).
2. I had made reservations for 20 ppl which was double the number I had expected to turn up and the eventual number overshot even that. As they say, the merrier it was.
3. After making the reservations I was informed that the cafe closes at half day (read 7:30 pm) but nothing could be done at that point of time. “Shaadi cards already distributed” kind of situation. Though we have had the experience of changing the “shaadi venue” just before the “pheras” earlier too.
4. The organiser who got us to hold DBM XII got stuck up in a crisis at his workplace. Eventually he never turned up. Do you ever remember being in school and a certain teacher not turning up for class? How noisy was the place? How was the organised chaos with no agenda on hand? I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that we resembled a bunch of school kids creating ruckus. We even had backbenchers!
5. Some old timers came after a long long time. It was like the DBM’s of yore all over again.
6. There were bloggers, former journalists, future journalists and even theatre artists. Thankfully no sting operations.
7. The ppl at Cafe turtle surely got boggled when I made reservations. I spelled out “Delhi bloggers meet” for them because they just couldn’t understand the words I was uttering. Eventually I got a call from them confirming the “Daily bogglers meet”.
8. During the round of introductions, where everyone was supposed to start with “I am xxx and I blog at yyy”, the restless mind-boggled waiter silently shimmied on to the terrace like Jeeves and introduced himself in a jiffy – “I am Jason and I am here to take your order”. Do I need to add, he was the most sought after member of the evening. Oh and Nikhil ordered himself yet another fan, but this time it was the sorts that creates a current of air.
9. We had our own share of celebs in this meet. “NDTV called me””CNN IBN asked me to express my views” were very common phrases uttered quite frequently. We will soon have our own P3 coverage too. :p. Unfortunately, this time our cameraman was busy taking footage of the food instead.
10. The back benchers were having a mini blog meet of their own. Some updates anyone? :).
11. Masala chais, coffees, cakes and pastas. These were a few of the favourite things that the bloggers ordered. Who says you need booze to make you feel like you are having fun?
12. I spotted “Lazy lunch” and “lazy pasta” in the menu while Lazylump spotted “Fairy cake” in the menu!
13. I finally got to meet toinks after 3 years of virtual interaction! The grand mommie of rediffblogs is onto blogspot now.
14. At 7:25pm a bill was duly waved under my nose. All and sundry paid for their own consumption and some more (read tax).
15. Those who were still interested in hanging around moved over to the Yellow brick road .
16. A good turnout and a good funfilled DBM!

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May 8, 2006


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Delhi blogger's meet - XI
This meet was a much looked forward to affair because of the sudden interest of Julian, the producer of the BBC World Service Technology programme Digital Planet, Gareth who is the presenter of the same show and Bill, one of Britain’s leading authorities on blogging and net activism; in the affairs of us delhi bloggers, so as to assess the extent of net activity in India, how it differs from other places and to record a special edition of the programme just about this splendid country. To quote them, they were trying to find answers to questions like “Do you have a particular view on the use or effectiveness of your blogs? What do you think about the use of IT in India or its potential? The country is often seen as being in the grip of a technological boom, is this the case from your experience?”

The meet was held at India habitat centre, (a venue which I think is suitable for brainstorming and cultural stuff) on 6th May. Somehow a pub doesn’t seem like the right place for such things though I realise that for a lot of people, perhaps, their brain starts working when they have some alcohol numbing it :p. I reached the venue when I thought the discussion would have gained appropriate momentum. In other words, I wasn’t there from the beginning. I introduced myself to the trio and then met around with a couple of old timers while the discussion was ongoing in full swing with about 30 people. People had already given Bill, Julian and Gareth (though mostly Bill) an idea about the kind of net activities we have here like business networking (ryze), caferati, live blogging after the Tsunami, the IIPM episode etc. We went on to talk about the indexing in the desi blogworld, ongoing plagiarism in blogworld and otherwise, tech blogging (here Julian and Gareth were admittedly thoroughly bored of geeky stuff), news blogging, link blogging, revenue generation through blogs etc. I pitched in with some things about the blank noise project as a response to how blogging can make a difference. There were other means of course, for eg. live updates during Rita, Katriina, mumbai floods and blogging for social causes etc. There were also some discussions about the legal aspect of plagiarism in the blog world, how we (delhi bloggers) are trying to “make a difference” or trying to “bring about a change”. The scope of that “change” could mean different things to different peope – it could be personal growth, indulging in ones hobbies with fellow enthusiasts, honing ones writing skills, indulging in networking, rooting for social causes or getting instant help in case of emergencies. In that context that change or growth has been happening from day one. To a question put up by Bill, asking everyone if we, as a community, were growing and yet moderating ourselves, enough, to “make a difference” – I replied in the affirmative and added the above mentioned thought. I also added, that now “differences which are visible” are also beginning to happen. It’s interesting to note that not only is the community (slowly but surely evolving) but the whole aspect of blogging and how intertwined it is getting with our day to day life – is also evolving.

We eventually had Julian and Gareth record the radio show they wanted. They chose some intriguing observations they had come across in the evening. So they interviewed some people – a blogger who’s an IIT-ian and quit his job to take up blogging full time since he makes more revenue than he would in an MNC (that’s *so* unheard of), a blogger who’s organising an online reality show where a person travels on a modest budget and blogs about it as (s)he does, a blogger who’s part of a community blog – bribe Delhi which has been featured on NDTV as well and then from some aspect of how/when it all started and some stuff about Blank noise – yours truly was also chatted up with. It didn’t feel like an “interview”. Much after the recording got over, we were still in that mode, with Gareth asking me if I had ever imagined some years back that so many things would happen with this community or about blogging in general, how it has grown, changed etc. He also asked me how things were in other metros, whether people were as active there, if there were similar “communities” or “individual islands“.

They all wanted to explore Nehru place for some reason where I guess they got fascinated with an open market (mandi more like) for all kind of hardware. They also told us about their not so great experience in trying to interview some folks there. I emphasised on the fact that they should surely write a travelogue about India (not just because of the British background but also the interesting experiences) because people who aren’t from that place would always notice things that the insiders would probably feel normal about. The 3 most outstanding things in this category being, the way people drive around, the cows minding their own bovine business on roads and the heat (not that we can’t notice the heat. It is anything but ignored.)

By this time, most people had left, some had retired to Eatopia after which they proceded to All American Diner and then Turquoise cottage. I tried to individually meet the remaining members, which is something that happens in every meet but barely happened in this one. Some of us exchanged business cards with the trio. I explained why I wasn’t joining them in the pub, since I had a party to attend in Gurgaon. I described Gurgaon and Gareth showed signs of recognition because they had been exploring the malls the day before. Overall a very very interesting experience and I surely look forward to more such happenings.

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December 27, 2005

The meet that was

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The IXth Delhi bloggers meet was held on 18th Dec’05 at Humayun’s tomb. The main highlight was the photography gyaan that all of us had to get from a fellow flogger (foto blogger, not the horrifying english meaning). Apart from that, the “I-see-dead-people” routine was much practised. The photography stint was followed by some history of the monument, followed by a meal at India Habitat Centre, followed by a photography exhibition at the same venue, followed by some tea from the local tea stall. An afternoon well spent. Here are a couple of pictures that I took as part of the photography gyaan absorption. Now if someone would err..gift me a pro membership at flickr, maybe I could make some more use of my gyaan :p.

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May 3, 2005

Blogger Quiz

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For the DBM this time, Ajay and I prepared a blogger quiz. Here it is in case you want to find out how well you know “delhi bloggers”. Of course some of you might not have any clue about the answers because the questions were made on the state that the blog was in a few days before the DBM i.e. some questions pertain to the posts and hence are temporal. Some other questions pertain to general characteristics of blogs or may be the bloggers themselves. The main idea was to accumulate some little bit of trivia about the people who were attending the DBM so that we get down to breaking the ice and of course some questions about other non-delhi bloggers were also thrown in for “general knowledge”.

The answers are also under the questions themselves. I have written them in white so that you can see them by selecting the area.

1. Whose blog title is technically incorrect i.e the alias is not valid anymore because of change in status?
Answer – Deepan (Mind of an unmarried man)

2. Name one blogger couple who have a combined blog. Hint [can be outside DBM]
Answer – Sid/Tan – chronicled life

3. Which blogger has dates in Hindi on the blog?
Answer – Amit Ken

4. Which blogs name means “plucked flower” in Native American?
Answer – Mansi (Author – Priya)

5. Name 1 blogger who has a fotolog and a blog.
Answer – Simple Simon, Twilight Fairy, Netahoy, Chris sordid

6. Name 1 blogger who studies at MDI Gurgaon.
Answer – Ajay, Saurabh garg

7. Whose blog has 4 back to back posts on Holi itself?
Answer – Mohit Maheshwari

8. Who has recently woken up after 10 months hibernation in blogland?
Answer – Diya (could be many but it was Diya AFA attending members of DBM are concerned)

9. Which blogger has attended a blogger meet in another city as well and where?
Answer – Newton’s apple : Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore;
Adi : Hyderabad (That’s another thing Adi mahashya never turned up for DBM so technically the answer is incorrect)

10. Whose blog has a photo of the author in wedding gear?
Answer – Ajay (Married Single)

11. Who is the author of a cricket website and whose blog – India Uncut won the Best New IndiBlog 04?
Answer – Amit Varma.

12. Whose blog is so ‘comfortably numb’ that it’s dead since a year?
Answer – Piyush gupta (Phantasmic)

13. Whose blog has a space travel feel or at least it was intended to look like that?
Answer – Twilight Fairy .. :p..ahem

14. Name a food blog.
Answer – tancancook, madman’s shiok

15. Which former journalist writes “just a little something”, and has won at the Indiblog awards?
Answer – Anita Bora

16. Which blogger has been responsible for selecting the “sizzling blogs” on rediffblogs?
Answer – Toinks (Toinkdom1)

17. Which blogger’s fav song has to be: “Objects in the rear view mirror, may appear closer than they are”?
Answer – Prashant (post specific question)

18. Which blogger’s job involves inserting bugs into perfectly normal code?
Answer – Ankur (bugman).

19. Name one blogger whose blogging alias is also another valid Indian name?
Answer – Ajay (married single), Adi (sporadic thoughts)

All old timers were barred from answering the obvious questions. The new DBM bloggers who earn mention for answering 2 questions (each) correctly are Diya and Sruthijith.

PS. With so much of HTML for coloring text, “html-challenged me” can barely get myself to link all the ppl mentioned here, so please make do.

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April 26, 2005


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Come one, come all for YADBM (That’s Yet Another DBM). Please confirm your attendance at the site itself.

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October 19, 2004

DBM – 5

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Here we are with yet another meet at yet another venue with yet another “theme”. All bloggers from Delhi who are interested in meeting fellow bloggers from Delhi, please make your presence felt @

Flame’s Bistro, M-Block Market, GK II
on October 21st, 2004, 5 pm “onwards”

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June 30, 2004

Been There Done That

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Ha! Now I can brag on having been there, done that!! Those who don’t know what I am talking about, can check this link, where TOI mentions something about the DBM.

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June 22, 2004

DBM III – Some Highlights

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1. Nick dude came expecting to see simply sultry simone ma’m , instead he had to make do with Simple Simon.
2. The newbies didn’t know Tieless Ranjan simply because he has ceased to exist on the mailing list circuit since the time the tieless question was asked. But Ranjan needs to be thankful for one thing. The attention from the previous question has now shifted to this one, the previous question being -‘Have you found your soulmate at the DBM?’. Apparently that’s the reason ‘Tieless Mateless Ranjan’ makes it to the DBM everytime. Last seen he was chatting up Jennifer (or was that Lauren) merrily.
3. Khotta was looking like a shareef baccha in his new hair cut with his pony tail gone from his head and instead grown where it should be (where the sun ain’t no shine). But all the sharaafat disappeared the moment khotta neighed out his answers to the intellectual quiz everyone was asked to participate in.
4. This time instead of one official photographer, we had three! All of them floggers in fact. Amit’s camera was adopted by Priya as soon as he strided in with a digicam, leaving Simon’s (simply sultry) SLR camera in a lurch. Sanzen was busy clicking funny snaps of unsuspecting people :P. Some snaps.
5. Ajay vowed that from now on, he wont change his name/blog alias as frequently as he changes the latest post on his blog. In fact it’s supposed to remain constant now. Nothing in this world is as constant as change.
6. Deepan was still perfecting his aim of nosediving in his drink (something he got interested in, in DBM I). He was also heard booming over the music with threats of taking the pants off.. (I think he meant someone else’s not his)
7. Simply simone.. err Simple Simon was seen having a private blog meet of his own (most of the time), in a dark and dingy corner. It’s a pity he didn’t let us interact with the other members of this blogmeet – his cellphone and his wallet.
8. ‘Main madira nahi peeti jee’ – uttered by Sridevi in Chaalbaaz. Sandhya and yours truly, lady with music on her blog, were trying to follow this dictum and were perhaps the only ones with mocktails.
9. Sakhi was enjoying her last DBM as a delhi blogger. She would soon be a part of that evergrowing club which would be ‘delhi bloggers in mumbai’.
10. Ruchika and CutelilTisha were quite quiet. Perhaps the first-time-meeting-so-many-unknown-bloggers kind of feeling had left them like this. Ruchika bloomed into life the moment Kams stepped in. She probably didn’t notice Khotta desperately trying to attract Kams’s attention. No, not even when Khotta specially seated Ruchika in a homeward auto in order to get — rid of her and ample time with Kams. (kabaab se haddi bahar hee nikaal dee! ;-) )
11. MO2 needed a dose of N2O (laughing gas for all you non-science peepul). He had maintained quite a serious face earlier, but that got better with time.
12. Gump was somehow the ‘chosen one’ everytime someone had to pretend as if they are killing/slaughtering/murdering someone. This was during Dumb Charades.
13. Tanny was apprehensive about attending the blog meet but am sure he’s glad he came.

And with that we come to the end of the highlights for DBM III. For another update, Intezaar kijiye DBM IV tak.

PS. sorry for missing out 1-2 ppl, but that’s simply because I didnt interact with ya, mebbe next time!

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June 17, 2004

Coming Soon!!

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… To a suitable venue near you is a great event that will bring with it a great wave. Wave of freshness. Freshness of new faces. Faces of bloggers. Bloggers of Delhi.

The bloggers of Delhi are meeting yet another time (read third). Ladies and gentlemen, cats and poodles, oh err… whatever, may I present before you, the elite Delhi Bloggers Meet!

Be there or be there. As you can see, you can only ‘be’ there.
The Venue: Flames Bistro, GK II
Date: 19th June’04
Time: 5pm onwards

More details at the official weblog of DBM.

PS. weird mood, struggling for a presentation to be given. kindly excuse moi mood.

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January 16, 2004

The Delhi Blog Mob

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New Delhi, 13 Jan

Delhi experienced its first Blog Mob today at TGIF, Vasant Vihar at around and after 4pm. This mob, which went on the lines of the latest fad – flash mobs, had several ppl of the blogging community from Delhi meeting up at a designated place and time, but unlike flash mobs, this one didn’t dissipate as fast (this mob kept waiting to be kicked out). It was organised by a series of people having a fetish for the letter ‘S’, namely Sandhya, Simple Simon, Sw Ne, and also Sakhi. Bloggers started trickling in at the decided time and took full advantage of the Happy Hours. When our correspondent reached the venue, she was greeted by a lively mob of around 15, who all wanted to meet the person with ‘music on her blog’. There were a few ppl coochie cooing in a corner and taking advantage of the smoke screen enveloping around them (a creation of their own incessant smoking) to do unimaginable things. Sw Ne was seen getting bubbly as she took in a lot of the same, it explained her amorous advances towards Khotta. Beauty certainly lies in the eyes of the be(er)holder, Kyonki Khotta certainly is no Depp and he was painfully reminded the same by all.

Lone Cypress was not so lonely since she had a date for the eve (wonder how she landed up with a China Man to get rid of her lonelyness, unless he has *something* of Leviathan proportions). May be Shubir coined in a phrase like ‘Old Chinese Saying – Get in the company of a man with *something* of Leviathan proportions and you shall not want anything else in life’ to impress her.

Jill of all trades aka Newton’s apple seemed to be the youngest blogger around but was found to be not so. On being provoked somewhat, she vehemently claimed that she loved Delhi enough to spend an entire lifetime here. Senjam Raj sekhar was seen doing what he does best, improve his PR with the people around him. Soumya was seen quietly observing all around him and helping Lone Cypress and Shubir by creating enough smoke screens around them which gave competition to the next day’s fog that was to envelop Delhi.

Priya (yeah that’s her name, not Mansi, as she insists) was seen merrily sipping Bloody Mary from all the glasses which held her potion. The effect has been noticed in certain pictures that she took of the crowd. They have been censored to protect identities.

Ajay had to peer over the crowd since he was at a higher level than the rest, not intellectually but because of his height. Asterix the gaul, was seen downing a lot of potion (even oblix’s share). Arnav (he’s not anonymous any more) was seen chatting up all members of the fairer sex who were in his vicinity. He didn’t change his vicinity as often as Deepan who was observed giving a lot of competition to Sw Ne for her double meaning, suggestive comments aimed at Khotta (of course, they went over his head, since he was concentrating on his lips too much, hoping they would get lucky). Abhishek Saxena was heard humming all the songs that were dedicated to the bloggers.

Ranjan was seen to stride in quite late, and he seemed to be searching for someone. It was a general perception, that he’s searching for his soulmate and was expecting to find one at the blog mob. His face said it all when he DID spot someone familiar. He stared at Sanjem for around 5 minutes (boring a hole in his head with his stare) and then informed him that he’s Sanjem Raj Sekhar. They both looked at each other as if they would kill each other. According to records, they both were supposed to have met at a debate organised in guawhati.

Beautiful life was seen being shy and coy and she hurried out the earliest she could (maybe she had someone waiting with whom she’s not so shy). WonderBug was seen giggling with Priya, when the latter would start searching for her Bloody Mary and with Deepan who was observed to be nose diving in his drink. Jasprit was seen handling all the waiters as they got confused with the huge orders. Sanjay arrived quite late with a confused look, wondering whether he had landed at the right place, but after some time, his confused look was replaced by an interested one, which revealed that this sort of thing was new to him. Amit netahoy Agarwal was the last one to arrive, and was seen getting his dimpled profile clicked by the official photographers.

A couple of bloggers were found absconding and there were a lot of hushed murmurs in the crowd about their whereabouts. Somersault aka irony aka Oddity aka Fried green apple (whatever) was missing along with Heretic. Scout Finch was reportedly drowning in her work. Her boss was later found murdered in her office.

The organisers presented everyone with a CD that had been tediously compiled by them. The CD was played throughout the evening with one track dedicated to each blogger. A vote of thanks was given to the organisers by our correspondent.

But this leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Would Ranjan ever find his soulmate? Would Jill of all trades ever settle down in Delhi. Would Khotta’s lips ever get lucky? Would Lonely Cypress ever learn to cook chinese? Would Deepan perfect his aim of nosediving in his drinks? Yeh sab jaan-ne ke liye dekhte rahiye HUM (B)LOG!

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