Daily Archives: July 21, 2007

Bong connection

In short, “Bong connection” is the wrong connection. Avoid it. Absolutely. Unless maybe you actually HAVE a bong connection and you might be able to relate to it (at least more than what I did). I wonder whatever made some tabloids give it good ratings. As luck would have it, instead of being able to get tickets for the movies we intended to watch (Harry potter or Die hard 4.0), my office team was able to procure tickets only for this unheard of movie which had supposedly been given good ratings by, who else, but Times of India.

To begin with, the whole hall (read the whole team) was very put off with the shoddy camera work which even in my nightmares, can not be attributed to a technical fault of the cinema hall. All we could see in the initial frames were chopped off images, some headless bodies cracking some jokes in Bengali, some faces with the portions above the eyes cut out of the frame, mouthing dialogues. 90% of the movie is in Bengali (with English subtitles) and 10% in English. Hell, no one had even set my expectations right about this :|. Most of the acting seemed very very made up and artificial. A tad too melodramatic at times. The script seems very predictable due to the same.

The story revolves around two parallel tracks. A bong guy settled in India (Parambrata Chattopadhyay) now wanting to explore US and another bong guy (Shayan Munshi who finally got some time off Jessica’s case hearings), born and brought up in New york wanting to explore Calcutta and his roots. Thrown in between, apart from a lot of bong dialogues, food and music, are some examples of bad and unnatural acting (Raima sen especially), underutilised actors (Victor bannerjee), a nymphet like starlet (Peeya Rai Choudhuri ), a lot of slipshod camera work and a lot of parallel tracks apart from the two that are already running. Somewhere or the other, as expected, these tracks intersect. (Is this the latest formula in Indian movies or what?)

Both these bongs are in search for something, which they probably find in certain ways and don’t find in larger ways and get back to where they came from. Do I sound confused? Well you know what to blame it on. Till the end we were trying to figure out what was the “point” that was being made. Midway in the movie, some of us from the team also tried to make a desperate “team attempt” to get into the audi where the Harry potter show was to be shown only to realise that it had been postponed for some school kids. The lure of a working AC and a comfy seat got us back to our own audi, alright.

The movie has its moments but they are too few and far apart. Some takes do come across as funny. Some scenes are evocative like the one with an outburst involving Shayan munshi and his extended family in India regarding the property immediately after the demise of his grand father. The sound track isn’t much to speak of. I liked only one song which was sung in a bar – “Maajhi re”. It was given a rock feel and music really has no language. Later I checked and realised why I just had to like that song in any case. It has been sung by Shaan.

Overall very avoidable fare. Out of hall, out of mind. Thankfully.