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Anniversary! 2

It’s the first anniversary of the lovely association with my “gentleman”. Those who may feel disinclined to clicking the embedded link, here’s how I feel about the gentleman (taken from my first post about the same).

“My hands taper gently and effortlessly. My feet come into motion ever so lightly as if things work on feather touch. I glide as we dance to the symphony of the magical music that we make together. I get intoxicated with the handsome facade and the smoothness of noiseless movement. The gibbous moon stares at us from above as we waltz together, the waltz turning allegro at times. But stopping gracefully was never a problem. Not a sweat on my brow, not a hair out of place. The litheness is remarkable. My head is still giddy with the vitality. There’s a jig in my step and a song in my heart.

If I can nestle comfortably in the lap after a long day, get wisps of my hair blown out of my eyes, get mesmerized by the dazzle of lights when we are together – why would I even agree with a darling friend of mine who insists that a brand new car should be treated like a newly wedded bride? My brand new car oozes gentlemanliness.”

With my gentleman I have indulged in many a “bondgiri” sessions and whisked across many a highway. I have also been aided a lot in my latest obsession – photography. A lot of sessions would never have been possible without the gentleman in tow. Needless to say it has been a smooooooth ride so far and I look forward to many other such times to come.

Pictures that speak

I tried my hand at portraiture recently both in terms of photography and writing. Here are some of the results. Apologies to those who have fed both my blog RSS feed as well as flickr RSS feed to their feed reader. :p.

Look into my eyes
Look into my eyes
Look into my eyes!
And you will find,
memories that linger,
and ties that bind.

Hold my hand
Hold my hand
Hold my hand,
for I seek comfort.
Be with me right here,
don’t let me hurt.

Who’s that dude?
Who’s now being so prude?
Does he think we don’t know,
that we were being viewed?

I notice of late
I rather speculate
on a lot of things surreal

But it’s better to ideate
than to vegetate.
Is it such a big deal?

We trudge together, careful never to peer into our shadows.
(not really a couplet, but what the heck, I like the pic)