Magic paint

He cleaned the canvas thoroughly before starting. I watched on. Taut. Eagerly. Waiting to see new fresh colours. Bright ones. To go with the summers. To repel heat. He asked me my choice of colours. For a second it seemed like a million dollar question. Then I came up with the answers. With my assent, he dipped the brush in the paint. With deft strokes, he meticulously spread the paint. Once. Twice. Tweaking the spills and the deficits. Glorious results. He looked at me for approval. I nodded. Glee bursting inside me. The paint felt cool. Seeing the colour, tingled me further. Ah. Summers here I come. Mocking you. I danced my way out quickly. Eager to share the colours with the summer. And that’s how came about this fantastic end result. It so tickles me pink.

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