Daily Archives: July 28, 2005

Bombay apocalypse

Bombay apocalypse?

Bombay seems to have been hit really bad due to the rains, fire, landslides and what not. It’s a wonder how the same elements – water, fire, earth – give us life and can engulf us at the same time. Hope the city recovers fast. With no TV/radio access (to Indian news), all I have here, is the internet for updates. There are some heart wrenching tales out there. Frantic people have used rediff’s space for help in getting in touch with their friends/family or pouring out their woes against the city’s infrastructure. With animals dying because they were still tied when their owners fled, to seeing bloated carcasses, Bombay is full of tales of children stuck in their schools, employees stuck in their offices or on the streets and frantic parents/relatives worrying themselves sick. Thankfully my sister was already in Delhi, on an impulse visit from Bombay when all this happened.

My own experience with some torrential rains in Delhi, is a “walk in the park“, compared to what an average bombayite is going through.