…when it’s happening, I can not feel it. It’s been 2 months since I was told that I would be travelling (official purpose) to Finland for a “short term”. Six months or more is nowhere near short but then I have taken the plunge, gone ahead and said yes and even done something that I always thought I would never do – signed a service agreement to continue to be an employee of this company for a year after coming back from the assignment, failing which I would need to pay a huge sum to the employer.

Things would be very different suddenly. I guess the reality of it all would strike in, once I reach the place. My tickets are yet not confirmed and I am supposed to leave tomorrow. I’ll be getting the tickets just before I embark I suppose, all very normal in the IT industry. I’ll miss my family, my lawn, the little bit of gardening that I indulged in, the piano/guitar classes I attended, waking up to the twiterring of birds, being able to drive, and most of all my summer clothes since a Finnish summer is Delhi winter.. brr..

Hopefully I shall be able to update this blog with “regular” stuff and more on Finland as a place. Catch you all from the other side.

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