Daily Archives: December 2, 2004

Cellphone made a porn star

Not very long ago, Video had killed a radio star. But who ever imagined that Cellphones would end up making *porn* stars! Or that instant (porn)stardom would start having different meanings! For those who haven’t yet got what I am going on about, here’s a snip of this incident.

NEW DELHI: In a shocking incident of abuse of cellphones by children, a student of a leading public school in the city filmed a sexually explicit visual of a girl, from the same institution, with a camera phone, which he then circulated as MMS.
Both the boy and the girl, as well as eight other students of Delhi Public School, R K Puram, have been suspended for carrying cellphones to school, sources said.

The school has also issued a 15-point guideline for parents and children, especially barring the students from bringing cellphones to school, the sources said.

The video clip, depicting the girl in a sexual act, was messaged by the boy to his friends and it got circulated to students in other schools. _______________________________

Frankly I am amazed that those “kids” have *this* as their idea of fun. Class 11th is not “kids” anymore. Our society is fast converging with what were suppposedly US cultural norms. But clearly, the thing that has affected ppl more is NOT the fact that a girl & guy indulged in oral sex at *school*, but the fact that it was recorded explicitly and passed on shamelessly. I just can’t fathom what these students expected to happen after circulating that MMS. It’s obvious that they just don’t know what “Jug Hasayee” (loosely translated, it means, the whole world laughs at you) means! Especially in this era of high speed & wireless technologies, the ramifications of such an incident are much larger than can be imagined. It’s difficult to comprehend how a young adult could have so callously ruined one’s own life with such a stupid thing.

Well, I for one, dont blame these “kids” entirely for this. All that happened can be more attributed to their parents and to some extent – the society. Today there’s perhaps a lot of peer pressure when one is in school, to lose ones virginity or to try stuff that might appear “daring” in nature. Parents can go on blaming the society for problems like lack of censorship in TV, cinema et al. But inspite of these issues, it’s the parents who have a major role in ensuring that their kids *do* have a stable head on their shoulders and dont get carried away, even with this kind of an atmosphere.

School admission in a reputed school – 75 K
Multimedia enabled camera phone – 15 K
The look on the parents face when they see their children’s “act” – Priceless.