Monthly Archives: November 2004

Don’t ask

Don’t ask what I have been upto, coz I don’t have a clue myself, about where my time goes. I have been quite busy at office. As if managing ones’ own work wasn’t enough of a task, supervising a number of ppl (read duds), considering that you would rather do the job yourself than delegate to them, is worse. I see some serious flaws in the companys recruitment process now. Soon, I would complete five years in the same company, which is *quite* a long time, though we have a whole lot of “10-years-in-the-company-and-still-going-strong” ppl. Whether it’s an achievement or plain lethargy – Don’t ask.

The diwali week was as usual. Apart from my being stuck in a royal traffic jam for 2 hours (for a 5-10 minute distance) and missing my piano classes as a result, there was nothing “exploding” about it. Two days later my car broke down, thankfully not in the middle of nowhere but the clutch plates had to be replaced. How I managed to stop *myself* from “exploding” – Don’t ask.

The diwali weekend was spent coughing away to glory because of the enormous pollution levels (yours truly being asthmatic) and ultimately resulting in a bad case of cold/cough/fever series. The number of times I get this cold/cough/fever series in a year – Don’t ask. I have lost count.

I have finally shifted to Gurgaon in my own house. And alone at that (that was my own whim). How I am managing to stay all alone in a 3 BR, ground floor house – Don’t ask. My new friends are spidey – I, II, III (it goes on … ). At times they glance at me from the ceiling. At other times, I have mousey, playing hide and seek. My favourite sport now is “swat the maximum mosquitoes in one go”. I pray to the gods to give me multiple pairs of hands like them, so that I can manage all the household chores single multihandedly along with office. Maybe 10 heads like Ravanna won’t be a bad idea either. One could plan out separate activities with each perhaps. There’s no furniture in the house right now, as I had written in an adventurous post earlier. There are total 4 plastic chairs and of course the 3 bar stools for the breakfast counter. So at a time only 7 ppl can visit my house. Where the others will sit – Don’t ask.


All work and no play makes anyone quite dull, so inspite of the hectic schedules and my Senior project manager’s “warnings” to not indulge in cultural activities, keeping in mind the release deadlines, I did take part in a couple of things during the diwali cultural fest held at office (two weeks back). There’s usually a floor decoration competition here plus rangoli competition. Hard work pays (only where it doesnt really matter). My floor came first in the floor decoration competition and my rangoli came 2nd out of 13 teams. Here is a pic.

The theme was “good over evil”. Lord Ram is shown killing Ravanna, who`s a brahmin. The brahmin is a Shiv devotee and this is shown with the third eye and Shiv Tikka. The brahmin being Ravanna is depicted in his shadow with 10 heads. We (3 more ppl besides me) used rice (which we painted with water colours), pulses, rangoli colours, maida (fine flour), gold dust, soil, coloured sparkles, bit of thermocol etc. For Lord Ram`s clothes, we used satin, stuffed cotton under it and stuck the cloth to the floor, to give a 3D look. In the end it was highlighted with sparkles, to give it a royal appearance. Coloured sparkles were also put in other parts of the rangoli as well. When the spotlights were switched on, they added to the beauty of the rangoli. I personally liked the bright contrast which came up in the sun behind Lord Ram (he being a suryavanshi), though the picture doesn’t really show it well. Here’s another pic with just that part of the rangoli covered.

I’ll be back

No, I am not on a blog break or anything. It’s just work, work and more work, which has left me with little time for anything else. But I’ll definitely resurface soon enough. Here’s wishing everyone a bright, sparkled diwali and Id mubarak!! Hope everyone has a safe, pollution free, dangerous noise level free, traffic jams free – weekend.

Hope you like these small little fireworks on this page.