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DBM III – Some Highlights

1. Nick dude came expecting to see simply sultry simone ma’m , instead he had to make do with Simple Simon.
2. The newbies didn’t know Tieless Ranjan simply because he has ceased to exist on the mailing list circuit since the time the tieless question was asked. But Ranjan needs to be thankful for one thing. The attention from the previous question has now shifted to this one, the previous question being -‘Have you found your soulmate at the DBM?’. Apparently that’s the reason ‘Tieless Mateless Ranjan’ makes it to the DBM everytime. Last seen he was chatting up Jennifer (or was that Lauren) merrily.
3. Khotta was looking like a shareef baccha in his new hair cut with his pony tail gone from his head and instead grown where it should be (where the sun ain’t no shine). But all the sharaafat disappeared the moment khotta neighed out his answers to the intellectual quiz everyone was asked to participate in.
4. This time instead of one official photographer, we had three! All of them floggers in fact. Amit’s camera was adopted by Priya as soon as he strided in with a digicam, leaving Simon’s (simply sultry) SLR camera in a lurch. Sanzen was busy clicking funny snaps of unsuspecting people :P. Some snaps.
5. Ajay vowed that from now on, he wont change his name/blog alias as frequently as he changes the latest post on his blog. In fact it’s supposed to remain constant now. Nothing in this world is as constant as change.
6. Deepan was still perfecting his aim of nosediving in his drink (something he got interested in, in DBM I). He was also heard booming over the music with threats of taking the pants off.. (I think he meant someone else’s not his)
7. Simply simone.. err Simple Simon was seen having a private blog meet of his own (most of the time), in a dark and dingy corner. It’s a pity he didn’t let us interact with the other members of this blogmeet – his cellphone and his wallet.
8. ‘Main madira nahi peeti jee’ – uttered by Sridevi in Chaalbaaz. Sandhya and yours truly, lady with music on her blog, were trying to follow this dictum and were perhaps the only ones with mocktails.
9. Sakhi was enjoying her last DBM as a delhi blogger. She would soon be a part of that evergrowing club which would be ‘delhi bloggers in mumbai’.
10. Ruchika and CutelilTisha were quite quiet. Perhaps the first-time-meeting-so-many-unknown-bloggers kind of feeling had left them like this. Ruchika bloomed into life the moment Kams stepped in. She probably didn’t notice Khotta desperately trying to attract Kams’s attention. No, not even when Khotta specially seated Ruchika in a homeward auto in order to get — rid of her and ample time with Kams. (kabaab se haddi bahar hee nikaal dee! 😉 )
11. MO2 needed a dose of N2O (laughing gas for all you non-science peepul). He had maintained quite a serious face earlier, but that got better with time.
12. Gump was somehow the ‘chosen one’ everytime someone had to pretend as if they are killing/slaughtering/murdering someone. This was during Dumb Charades.
13. Tanny was apprehensive about attending the blog meet but am sure he’s glad he came.

And with that we come to the end of the highlights for DBM III. For another update, Intezaar kijiye DBM IV tak.

PS. sorry for missing out 1-2 ppl, but that’s simply because I didnt interact with ya, mebbe next time!

Coming Soon!!

… To a suitable venue near you is a great event that will bring with it a great wave. Wave of freshness. Freshness of new faces. Faces of bloggers. Bloggers of Delhi.

The bloggers of Delhi are meeting yet another time (read third). Ladies and gentlemen, cats and poodles, oh err… whatever, may I present before you, the elite Delhi Bloggers Meet!

Be there or be there. As you can see, you can only ‘be’ there.
The Venue: Flames Bistro, GK II
Date: 19th June’04
Time: 5pm onwards

More details at the official weblog of DBM.

PS. weird mood, struggling for a presentation to be given. kindly excuse moi mood.

Testosterone tackle 1

Ever faced the problem of having someone staring at you or maybe I should put it as leering at you? Well, I am sure at least all girls face this problem most of the time, especially while travelling in public transport. Initially I always used to feel disconcerted but later learnt to ignore it and got used to it. So much so, that some of my male friends would be wondering why the guy in the nearby car would be almost plopping out of his car to stare at me, while I would be driving unconscious of the fact, with my ‘eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel’. Who has the time to pay attention to all this unwanted attention? But it definitely does get too much, depending on situations. One sure shot way to ward of a starer is to stare back. It’s not so easy. Staring back. One feels disgusted merely by glancing at the eyes which seem to be ripping your clothes apart. But DO stare back and very piercingly at that. One will instantly feel the urge to cast ones glance in some other direction quickly but DON’T. KEEP at it. However obstinate a starer may be, his testosterone still does not surpass his self consciousness (in almost all cases). He’ll instantly look down, beyond, or back wherever he’s supposed to be looking. There are nerds who actually turn around all the way to be able to look behind them! But beware, no sooner than the starer would have looked back in this ‘original’ direction and you would have heaved a sigh of relief, than the guy will steal a glance yet again and start the thing all over again. So keep at the dirty staring bit, till the jerk in question does not STOP looking back.

And in case, the staring at them bit doesn’t work, then simply try the ‘what’s your #$#%@#* problem’ routine. With a sudden surge of unwanted and unexpected attention, he’s bound to forget staring at least.

Other irritating problems that ppl may come across is with ppl they know. In fact it can be anyone, friends, colleagues, subordinates, anyone. I have noticed this silly habit which ppl seem to possess. While talking to you they’ll very easily get distracted with something on your face, instead of focusing onto your eyes. I know several ppl (not just guys) who look at my earrings while I talk to them especially if they happen to be a little long in length. The same happens with bindi & lipstick too or basically with whatever adorns my face apart from my facial features. Fine, the earrings/bindi/lipstick look nice and all that, but don’t the ppl realise that I can *see* what they are looking at, and I certainly don’t fancy ppl talking to my earrings/bindi/lipstick!! It’s not as if they have 2 sets of eyes.. dekhne kee aur, aur dikhaane kee aur (one pair to see with and one pair to show others)!! It sure is amusing to see ppl’s eyes dancing to your head movements!
So to tackle this variety, there’s a very simple way. Just utter ‘They’ll/It’ll look nice on you, do you want them/it?’. Doesn’t matter if it’s a guy you are suggesting to, that the danglers that you are wearing will look nice on him. It’s sufficient to jolt him/her out of his/her ‘tranced-with-the-earring-routine’. Also subtly manoeuvre something to the effect of this into the conversation – ‘I thought you really fancied them/it, since you were talking to them/it and not me!’ when the person at the other end squirms on your suggestion.
Note: The above tip can be used in synonymous situations where ppl fancy your bust, your butt, or well whatever ..

More such snazzy tips coming later.. for now you can wish me a happy blog budday :-].