@pandurangpai40 right. Got it. U r one of those bhakts who just write random fucking crap to any anti bjp thing. Save ur breath. Blocking u.

@DaOriginalSinna what about men? Widows? Transgenders? Next up – baby girl born – buy 250gm gold cos that’s the allowance

@pandurangpai40 why is BJP giving clarifications *today* if it is an old rule? & even if it existed earlier it is as ridiculous as possible

Shabaash @narendramodi for deciding how much gold one can possess based on marital status and gender. Satthiya gaye hain aap?

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@navdeepsoni are u kidding me? Did u really think this is the only one group printing? ?

Missed shooting at the #delhi #queer pride parade this year but here’s one from last year!… ift.tt/2gXBsIV https://t.co/SZ9RwoFyVz


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RT @ashwinmushran: Good morning! What is the new RBI Rule in the last 5 minutes? Was in the shower

RT @awryaditi: I always thought “Vicco Turmeric, nahi cosmetic” was our national anthem which is why it played before every movie.

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@NigelBritto u wont believe it..there are people STILL calling it well planned ?

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