Blogged Nose!

Dats mbee sbeeging droo mby nose!! :-P. But I must say, even with a blocked nose, blogging seems to be high on my list of priorities (well not quite). Been away since a long time because of this predicament called a common cold (or is it something else really.. one never knows, maybe Kyonki SARS bhee kabhee FLU thaa 🙂 ).
I have been suffering from this cold for more than a week now :(.. and much to my “blogged (and clogged) nose’s” horror, it’s only getting worse. I have had enough of explaining to ppl about how it’s not really strange and unheard of – geting a cold in summers. How there are various other ways and means to “catch” a cold and keep it with you. How I have already tried the various home made cures, gargling, steaming, that yoga asana (pranayam), antibiotics, naturopathy, homeopathy.. phew.. I sure could do with some empathy instead :-(.

My turn finally!

Indians sure are pretty emotional and vocal about rains. Right from all news channels on TV, all radio channels and most of the blogs that I usually read, that seems to be *the* current thing to be discussed. The monsoon winds have been moving upwards from south, so finally it’s my turn to celebrate the oncome of pre-monsoon showers in the capital :-).
Yesterday, Delhi finally got its share of this years monsoon. It got the temperature down by about 6 degrees. News channels had special reports on the “occasion”. Radio channels had all RJ’s going on and on about the rain and the weather change (thanks RJ’s but we didn’t really need those inputs to realise that it’s cooler now). The songs were all directed towards rain and monsoon and what it does to Adam n Eve ;-). Somehow we are programmed to be ultra romantic when the gods thunder from above.
So much going on, but ironically I was sitting at home with a fever :-(. Just the previous day only, I happened to read Anvita’s blog (post dated 16th June) which talked about her getting an allergic reaction. At that time I thanked my stars that I didn’t have an allergic reaction coming on, which ultimately results in the whole cough, cold, fever cycle for me. I should have known, I spoke too soon. Before I knew it I had caught the virus (literally, through Anivta’s blog and otherwise 🙂 )