blocked nose

Blogged Nose!

Dats mbee sbeeging droo mby nose!! :-P. But I must say, even with a blocked nose, blogging seems to be high on my list of priorities (well not quite). Been away since a long time because of this predicament called a common cold (or is it something else really.. one never knows, maybe Kyonki SARS bhee kabhee FLU thaa 🙂 ).
I have been suffering from this cold for more than a week now :(.. and much to my “blogged (and clogged) nose’s” horror, it’s only getting worse. I have had enough of explaining to ppl about how it’s not really strange and unheard of – geting a cold in summers. How there are various other ways and means to “catch” a cold and keep it with you. How I have already tried the various home made cures, gargling, steaming, that yoga asana (pranayam), antibiotics, naturopathy, homeopathy.. phew.. I sure could do with some empathy instead :-(.