Daily Archives: May 3, 2005

Blogger Quiz

For the DBM this time, Ajay and I prepared a blogger quiz. Here it is in case you want to find out how well you know “delhi bloggers”. Of course some of you might not have any clue about the answers because the questions were made on the state that the blog was in a few days before the DBM i.e. some questions pertain to the posts and hence are temporal. Some other questions pertain to general characteristics of blogs or may be the bloggers themselves. The main idea was to accumulate some little bit of trivia about the people who were attending the DBM so that we get down to breaking the ice and of course some questions about other non-delhi bloggers were also thrown in for “general knowledge”.

The answers are also under the questions themselves. I have written them in white so that you can see them by selecting the area.

1. Whose blog title is technically incorrect i.e the alias is not valid anymore because of change in status?
Answer – Deepan (Mind of an unmarried man)

2. Name one blogger couple who have a combined blog. Hint [can be outside DBM]
Answer – Sid/Tan – chronicled life

3. Which blogger has dates in Hindi on the blog?
Answer – Amit Ken

4. Which blogs name means “plucked flower” in Native American?
Answer – Mansi (Author – Priya)

5. Name 1 blogger who has a fotolog and a blog.
Answer – Simple Simon, Twilight Fairy, Netahoy, Chris sordid

6. Name 1 blogger who studies at MDI Gurgaon.
Answer – Ajay, Saurabh garg

7. Whose blog has 4 back to back posts on Holi itself?
Answer – Mohit Maheshwari

8. Who has recently woken up after 10 months hibernation in blogland?
Answer – Diya (could be many but it was Diya AFA attending members of DBM are concerned)

9. Which blogger has attended a blogger meet in another city as well and where?
Answer – Newton’s apple : Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore;
Adi : Hyderabad (That’s another thing Adi mahashya never turned up for DBM so technically the answer is incorrect)

10. Whose blog has a photo of the author in wedding gear?
Answer – Ajay (Married Single)

11. Who is the author of a cricket website and whose blog – India Uncut won the Best New IndiBlog 04?
Answer – Amit Varma.

12. Whose blog is so ‘comfortably numb’ that it’s dead since a year?
Answer – Piyush gupta (Phantasmic)

13. Whose blog has a space travel feel or at least it was intended to look like that?
Answer – Twilight Fairy .. :p..ahem

14. Name a food blog.
Answer – tancancook, madman’s shiok

15. Which former journalist writes “just a little something”, and has won at the Indiblog awards?
Answer – Anita Bora

16. Which blogger has been responsible for selecting the “sizzling blogs” on rediffblogs?
Answer – Toinks (Toinkdom1)

17. Which blogger’s fav song has to be: “Objects in the rear view mirror, may appear closer than they are”?
Answer – Prashant (post specific question)

18. Which blogger’s job involves inserting bugs into perfectly normal code?
Answer – Ankur (bugman).

19. Name one blogger whose blogging alias is also another valid Indian name?
Answer – Ajay (married single), Adi (sporadic thoughts)

All old timers were barred from answering the obvious questions. The new DBM bloggers who earn mention for answering 2 questions (each) correctly are Diya and Sruthijith.

PS. With so much of HTML for coloring text, “html-challenged me” can barely get myself to link all the ppl mentioned here, so please make do.