Daily Archives: April 14, 2005

My share?

Sometime back I went through my site statistics and discovered yet another time that someone had searched for “twilight fairy” or “twilight fairy blog” or “twilght_fairy” (old blog URL) and landed on my blog. Since I hadn’t really seen what results are shown when one searches for “twilight fairy blog”, I went to the link too. The same usual stuff came up – blogs linking me, sites where I had left comments etc and some other random links with “twilight” in them. But there was one new link that was referring to my blog and this had never popped up before. Out of curiosity I went there and realised that it was my blogs details on a site which I had never visited so far – blogshares.com. I didn’t know what it was all about and why my site was there, but I guess it was because of web spiders that I was indexed there. This site had a lot of statistical stuff like incoming links (blogs which link to me etc), my blogshare (a share price for my blogs’ shares!), graphs showing how the number of incoming links trend has been and the share price trend (surprisingly it’s at an all time high right now!) and lots of other abbreviations & jargon which looked very close to stock market jargon. I guessed that this was just a timepass stockmarket kind of place, where ppl traded and hence the name – blogshares.

I am generally averse to stock markets and all stuff to do with finance, shares, trading etc. It intimidates me so much that I just don’t have the inclination to even try and understand how it works even though I hold several stock options of my current employer. So I tried glancing through the FAQ to see what blogshares is all about and then gave up by default, until I saw that there was a section on my page listing “recent buys/sells” where some strangers with even stranger names had bought and even sold my “blog shares”! What the heck! It seemed at the first look that these guys were making money out of *my* blog or its “quality” in terms of incoming links which in turn decides a share price! All is fine if it’s a silly game, but if it had anything to do with REAL money then I was sure to have felt pretty much conned.

I decided to “glance” one more time through the FAQ as long as I found it bearable. I didnt. Gave it up one more time but I did see a “premium member” option on the page and wondered if premium members got to trade with REAL stuff. There were a lot of bloggers whose blogshare pages were mentioned on my page itself. In fact most of the bloggers I have read are listed on this site. Simply because so many of them are there already, I have safely and (I think) correctly concluded that this is a silly share market game with no money involved. But I am still wondering why anyone would be so vela to spend their time trading with blogs! Can anyone explain what this is all about?