No mean feat, this

The hot sun was making them perspire even more. Anguish was writ large on their faces. The shrill sounds of cars honking, was getting too much. They all had one thought in their mind “Will they be able to do it?”. It had been quite a while waiting for their turn, which was continuously evading them. They had to wait for the precise moment. Anything here or there could result in failure.. catastrohpic at that. At times they looked at the opposite side and both sides realised that the situation was same there too. Then came the moment. Without a warning. All the factors were still as bad as ever. The hot sun. The anguish. The cars honking. But somehow both sides seemed to have reached a perfect synchronisation without even looking at the faces on the other side. Both of them had suddenly decided to move on, use their skills finally. Show the world that they could do it and the world will just have to stop and wait. A huge mass of people crossed from their side to the opposite side. Finally they had achieved what they wanted to. It was no mean feat this! Crossing a busy unmanned road in Delhi.

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