Monthly Archives: February 2004

What’s love got to do with it?

Do we really need a ‘Valentine day’ to express our love?

Anyhow, in keeping with the tradition I have these hearts floating on my blog now! Those who aren’t able to see it, please load the page in IE..
sorry couldn’t find a script which works in all browsers. This year being a leap year, girls get to propose! So love and let love …

It could be verse than this!

Warning: 1. For 18 years and above.
2. Written in college with a fellow benchmate during a sleepy lecture, I dont even remember who it was. Both of us took alternate turns to add lines to the nonsense, the italicized ones being mine.

This is a story,
of a thin, young man.
So thin, he ought to have been fed,
quintals of horse gram.

A teacher by profession,
well, would just pass for one.
A thin creature by constitution,
he would often faint under the sun.

But the queer thing about him was,
he had no bulge out *there*.
And a very obvious part of it,
was a lot of hair.

What happened to his wife,
we all did wonder.
Everytime seeing that patch,
did nothing to make her feel fonder.

Alas! what a pity,
’cause his wife was pure gold.
And one fine day,
her macho neighbour was a bit too bold.

A week or two all was well,
but two months later it began to swell!
One night when it was coming too much in the way,
She cried, ‘Oh Hell!!’

Her shriek awoke her husband,
And he shrieked even louder.
Not having fathered any kids,
a STRONG baby made him prouder.

He looked between his legs,
and then he looked at the sky,
He put 2 & 2 together,
and then began to cry.

Having been burdened,
all his life by ill fate,
Seeing the baby’s bulge,
He forgave his mate.