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Hair today, what tomorrow! 1

Since the beginning of time immemorial, I’ve had rather long hair (almost knee length or at least butt length for most of my life). Last year on women’s day I chopped my tresses in a bid to do something different, and went in for “shoulder length hair”. I know that counts as “long” for many but for me it was *rather* short going by what I had almost all the time. My biggest problem has always been how to keep my hair free from entangling and avoiding heartbreak (also known as hairfall that results from the aforementioned entangling). My hair is naturally wavy, and it tends to go rather frizzy if not maintained properly. Every hair wash episode is a mini project in the art of combing hair without entangling or breaking the long length. I have never tried any chemical treatments and have never straightened, streaked or coloured my hair. I go in for hair spa treatments from time to time to tame the tresses. In short, I’ve been a rather aadarsh bhartiya naari. And now that I have “short” hair, and tend to keep them open, I need all the help I can get to maintain my hair.

Now I can’t possibly pass off Monica’s excuses for my frizzy hair.



Or try and tame them like this.


Or try things like this.


So I went in for something simpler..ahem!


(Ok, I couldnt help dramatising that image with textures etc)

Recently, Garnier contacted me and asked me if I wanted to try this product and review it, so here I am, trying out Garnier’s Triple nutrition range. Here are some closeups of the product that I am about to review.

I was asked “Which is the biggest hair problem that you face?” Mine in decreasing order of concern, are:

  • Frizzy/Unmanageable hair
  • Rough Hair
  • Dry/Undernourished hair
  • Weak roots leading to Hair Fall
  • Split ends

All hair products have several claims.. be it hair masks, serums, shampoos, conditioners, hair oils and what not. Now I am about to test out the claims of this one! And I’ll be putting up my review as part of the #hairchallenge.

First impressions:

The appearance looks attractive. I like the bright colours. The bottles have a good grip on slippery shampoo-ey hands. They have a very convenient to open cap unlike many other brands where you have to struggle to flip open a rather tight cap and end up with hurting fingers and the shampoo splattered on the wall. The stuff smells real nice – but then don’t they all :).

Let’s see where it goes. Shall post a review update soon. And needless to say the review will be based on my personal hair experience and nothing else.

Queen’s Luncheon 1

Although I was making the meal & enjoying the luncheon in the aforementioned subject, I wasn’t the queen in question here. It was mostly the British monarch.

During my London & Scotland trip, I enjoyed Fish & Chips at various places. One of these places had served the chips or as we call them – potato wedges – with a very tasty minty mushy peas dip that I always wanted to try back home. I had also saved some Lemon Curd from Fortnum & Mason and decided to make the day a tad British my including these flavours in my meal for the day.

So here come the scrumptious details.


Quick Recipe – Peel & quarter potatoes, sprinkle herbs & seasonings of your choice – I used thyme & zatar. Sprinkle olive oil, Salt, Toss. Bake. Have with minty mushy peas.

Minty Mushy Peas (Dip for the Potato wedges)

Quick recipe – Saute peas with spring onions & a handful of mint for 4-5 minutes, add a splash of water, pressure cook. You can also add water & put to simmer till peas are cooked but I prefer pressure cooking. When done, just puree them, add Salt, seasonings, a little lemon juice as per taste.

Main course:

Quick Recipe – Cook & drain pasta, In a large pan saute veggies of your choice, with thyme/rosemary, add pasta & salt/pepper. You can eat this at this stage too. I made spinach pesto by blending blanched spinach, garlic, cheese, green chillies & olive oil. You can add walnut or almonds too for a nutty taste. Mix pesto with the cooked pasta. Reheat if necessary. Eat with parmesan cheese shavings.

I followed this with a muffin & lemon curd from Fortnum & Mason 🙂

PS. Here’s how Jamie Oliver makes Fish, chips & minty mushy peas