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I like watching “Castle” on Star World, a “Dramedy” (Drama + Comedy) based in a crime setting that is shown everyday from 10pm-11pm, Mon to Thurs in India. Of course the series is running behind in terms of what is shown in the US (where the 2nd season has finished already).

Only 2 episodes are left for 2nd season to finish in India, but fret not if you like this series, a 3rd season is in the offing. Not every episode of the series is path breaking and definitely could do better, however irrespective of that, I like culling out a lot from any stuff that I watch on TV. So I often watch it for the visuals, for what Richard Castle’s home decor is like, what fancy activities he indulges in, at home with Alexis, what photographs he puts on his walls, what fashion his mother and daughter follow, what meals they are eating or what accessories Kate Beckett wears when she does dress up for partying and hence I find the series overall engaging.

In the series, the characters regularly use twitter, especially Richard Castle. In one episode, they even show Richard Castle & Kate Beckett finding out their victim’s whereabouts by doing a twitter search! However this post isn’t really about the series and is instead more about the people in the cast. Since nowadays twitter is the rage and it seems anyone & everyone has some presence here, needless to say the Castle team also does. I did some research and this is what I could find about the twitter presence of the “Castle” cast.

Stana Katic as Kate Beckett  – @stana_katic

Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle  – @nathanfillion

There’s also another (official) account for the character Richard Castle which tweets as an author of crime bestsellers only – @WriteRCastle

Jon Huertas as Detective Javier Esposito– @Jon_Huertas

Tamala Jones as Dr. Lanie Parish – @tamalajones

Molly C Quinn as Alexis Castle – couldn’t find her on twitter as the real her, but there’s an account @alexiscastle (seems to be offical as well) that tweets in character as Richard Castle’s daughter. This id interacts regularly with @WriteRCastle as her dad.

Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Cpt. Roy Montgomery – couldn’t find him on twitter.

Susan Sullivan as Martha Rodgers – couldn’t find her on twitter.

Seamus Dever as Kevin Ryan – couldn’t find him on twitter.

Alyssa Milano as Kyra Blaine in Season 2, episode 12, “A Rose for Everafter” – @Alyssa_Milano

There’s an account on twitter called @CastleTweets which seems to be an official twitter id for the team’s comments including the actors, producers etc.

Michael Trucco is Kate Beckett’s new love interest in “Castle” and it seems it is an experiment to see who suits the chemistry better. Needless to say Richard Castle wins hands down here for his boyish charm.

All “Castle” fans, till we get to “Castle” Season 3, you can survive on the information above 🙂


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12 thoughts on “Mad about “Castle”?

  • Kima

    I like this show… 🙂 Seems “White collar” season 1 is going to replace Castle season 2 here in India… Have WC season 1 too… tralalala… 🙂 “The Pacific” is another series they’ve just started showing here in India. Love it, though the one that we get here is completely censored.

  • Shanker Bakshi

    I Lost “lost” but before “castle” went off let me enter into star world to watch a castle. 🙂

  • kasturi

    omg omg omg!!! i cant believe they didnt tell each other hw they felt in the season finale episode yesterday!!! i can NOT wait for season 3 to come to india!! i could’ve banged my head against d wall last nyt! i luv dis show so freaking much!!!

  • Gargi

    Hi just came across your blog via Twitter. I love Castle too, and am so sad it ended. Now I’m eagerly waiting for the next series. Btw, do you watch Glee? That’s another of my favourites.

  • Twilight Fairy Post author

    Hi Gargi – i tried watching glee & gave it a lot of time. don’t like it. And tried Bones too. very very gruesome & bang when one is eating :|. these days I like watching Master chef.

  • Rishabh

    I’m proud to say I watched the series right from the pilot, after reading a preview on before its premiere. Back then it was just about a writer who gets brought in when a killer emulates his book killings!

  • monurohila

    We love Castle her in the states. Glad to hear your getting to see it too. Great chemistry between all cast members and talented writers. After you see the last episode of season 2 you can take a look at our opinion of the last four episodes

  • sanjay gupta

    me a die hard fan of castle series .. castle 3 ended very quickly this time .. waiting for next season .. one thing i must say .. serial makers don’t want both the lead actors not to confess their love although kate knows about castle’s feeling for her but castle is somewhat confused ‘she loves me , she loves me not’ and that is the USP of serial and the suspense when will that happen .. we have to keep waiting and somewhere i feel that it will keep on going till the very last episode whenever the producer decides to end it forever . but i love this serial … get hooked to it by chance and then wondered how could i miss something beautiful like this .. apart from castle and kate i like castle mom and daughter also .. perfect for their roles and doing justice to their roles respectively…specially his daughter… what more can i say …. just muhhhhhhhhhhhah … love it