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Someone put a pamphlet about a Women’s car rally under the wiper of my car. I was quite amused since I did not see it on any of the other cars parked near by! 🙂 It sounds like quite a fun opportunity. Since this event has practically no web presence, I thought I would promote it on my own blog. So here goes!

“Any vehicle which has 4 wheels, an engine, a steering wheel and a lady behind it, can participate in the rally”

This event is being organised by an NGO called Uthaan in partnership with Ibis, Power Grid, Indian Oil, Radio Mirchi, Desert trails, Avenues travel services etc. The flag off is from Ibis Hotel, Gurgaon.

DATE of Event : 21st March 2009

Uthaan is conducting the IIIrd Women’s Car rally which is an annual National Event hosted in Gurgaon 3rd year in succession. They hold this event each year with a Social Theme to create awareness in Social segments through participation & involvement . They have got support of Bharat Petroleum Corporation, Indian Oil , Rajasthan Tourism, India Today group, NDTV, Radio Mirchi, Dainik Jagran, Times Of India & Hindustan Times & Limca Book of Records.


They have earlier created a record by Holding the women Car rally. It is listed in the LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS as

( Page 476 Limca Book Of Records 2007 )

This year this event is being organized in a much bigger way from Gurgaon to Jaipur ( To create another NATIONAL RECORD ). Another FIRST in this Rally is that they’re encouraging participants to bring their Pets too.

In case you are interested you can register as an individual for 4000/- (all inclusive) [and for 6K as a corporate] for this rally. It is a fun rally, not meant to be a race. The Boarding, lodging & food for all participants will be arranged by the Organizers. The List of Number of Prizes will be given at the time of Registration. It will be a Time, Speed & Distance rally with point deduction on OVER SPEEDING. The maximum speed allowed is 75Kmph. Violation of Traffic Rules will be penalized by point deduction. A separate navigation chart with full rules will be given to participants after registration. Different events during the rally will be held & informed about beforehand to all participants. There will be a prize distribution event on 21st evening at Desert trails, Jaipur. Participants will be given lodging & breakfast at either Desert Trails or Hotel Amer View. You can get your family also along with you. They can pay directly to the hotels. You can register a navigator along with you. The navigator can be a man or a woman. However in case of a tie, the preference would be given to an all women team.

The proceeds from this event will go to an Animal rescue centre on NH-8. All interested people may contact the following:

Sanjay Kaushik
102, Sector 46

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12 thoughts on “Gurgaon-Jaipur Women’s car rally on 21st!

  • Harsh Thakkar

    hey Fairy,

    I need your help to give web presence to good causes I am supporting … would you please help me?

    Thanks a bunch in anticipation 🙂

  • Spitphyre

    A Women’s Car rally? That means lot’s of women behind the wheels of their respective cars. That means women drivers confident of their driving skills.

    Great! Now here is where I find motivation to improve my pathetic driving skills!

  • Srinivasan

    This is scary, I hope there are enough ambulances on site…

    Sexism apart, there are scientific reasons as to why women are not good drivers (Estrogen, an indecisive mind etc). Having driven all over the country for years, I have seen only 2 good female drivers. 1 of whom is a friend and the other is a stranger (Maruti swift Mumbai registration number 5666). These are exceptions than the norm…

    The very fact that you women feel the need to have a rally all for yourselves goes to show the very real difference in skill & ability, much like a marathon for handicapped people.

  • Twilight Fairy Post author

    Srinivasan – thanks for your kind comment. Pray tell me what “sexism apart” are u mentioning here? your entire comment reeks of sexism! “an indecisive mind” really? and just how many men do you know who have that? oh you dont, isnt it? I know. They just decide to ram the brakes suddenly in the middle of the road or better still into another vehicle. Let me not even mention the number of times men decide to jump lanes without using indicators. Decisions galore! Please do NOT impose your ill-founded assumptions on “us women” for we have seen enough men making the same blunders on the road. It really is not gender specific if I may point out.

    BTW estrogen is as much a male harmone as female (as is androgen for both genders). We must thank our lucky stars that you at least give in to 2 exceptions in our tribe. As for “us women” we never needed to organise the marathon, it was done entirely by an NGO headed by a male, probably to prove a point to men like you (as is the case with many women specific things in India). Wonder what you have to say about any sport which has women specific games? Women tennis, women cricket, women swimming, women hockey, no wait, I forgot, women are like the handicapped. Just so that you know, the only real handicap women encounter is the handicapped mindset of men like you, more than anything else. The best thing is that “us women” excel at everything despite that eclipsed mindset & not because of it.

  • Twilight Fairy Post author

    Smita – looks like u have some confusion. I am not the organiser of these rallies, I had written this one post regarding that one rally.