Global voices summit

Following the BBC meet, a lot of us bloggers had wondered and brainstormed about organising a large scale workshop where bloggers could discuss myriad topics. We were very sure that we didnt want to set any expectations by calling it a “blogcamp” or a “barcamp” or an “unconference meet” but still wanted a large scale formal “event”. We were also more or less sure of the topics that we didn’t want to hash out anymore like MSM vs blogosphere, how to earn money thru blogs etc. We had brainstormed over a couple of topics and come up with new insights. Interestingly some of the topics of discussion that we shortlisted mapped exactly – as we learnt later – onto the topics that Global voices had selected for its discussions. Moreover it was all that we wanted to organise and more. It was a large scale event spanning the entire world, not even just a city or a country. It also talked about reaching out to more and more people and enabling people to communicate through blogging which was exactly what we wanted to address. So it was with much merriment that I wanted to be a part of Global voices online summit 2006 when I learnt that not only was it happening in Delhi but also that it was addressing two of the things we had discussed – Blogging outreach and multilingual blogging.

The other thing that drew me to the GV summit 2006 was the fact that it was a chance to get to meet many bloggers, not virtually but in realtime. This includes other Indian bloggers as well. Though this meet couldn’t have been called a “global bloggers meet”, for all practical purposes it was that. I also wanted to be a part of something constructive to do with blogging, something that could constitute a “movement”, something that wanted to make a positive change, something where people were actually keen on thinking out of the box and “evolving”.

16th of Dec saw me wrapping up a couple of chores first before finally reaching the venue – India Habitat Centre. One just needed to enter the room to realise that it was blogging at its best. Most people were carrying laptops and were furiously typing away, either writing accounts or uploading pictures. Though I was carrying my laptop, I soon realised that it was practically futile since the wireless connection wasn’t too strong for some reason. The conference discussed the blogging outreach that had been referred to and a presentation was given by some people who had tried implementing outreach somehow. The discussion then proceeded to tools/technology for remaining anonymous on the net. There was a discussion on multilingual blogging and a means to translate things in a common language to things in an uncommon language and vice versa. There were some good ideas in all cases. After the conference everyone got a lovely Global Voices tee. There was some random brain storming on some topics which made interesting food for thought. In the end we all got a group snap taken. Some pics.

Apart from the wonderful lunch, a dinner by the pool side had also been organised for those interested. I got to meet a lot of other Indian bloggers like Neha, Aparna, Peter, Sakshi, Jace, Preetam (though he considers himself chinese), Dina, Parmesh (the “fresh lime soda” guy), Shyam and of course the usual delhi bloggers gang. After the conference I had the pleasure of witnessing a practice session going on for some performance which was being done to highlight the fast dying art of playing the snake charmer been in India (minus the snakes). The beautiful sound with a number of instruments, was very much like hearing bagpipes with a poignant and soulful tinge to them. All in all a day very well spent indeed. It was a pleasure to meet all you guys and a zillion thanks to the wonderful organisers!

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