Daily Archives: January 16, 2006

A date with Mr. Frost

No, no, not Robert. Not David. The one that hell froze over. This is good. New “never-before-witnessed-in-one’s-life” geographical phenomena are taking place. I was attending a sangeet ceremony in a farmhouse when the “historical event” of 0 degree (ok 0.2 = 0 for all practical purposes) temperature in Delhi took place. Whether it was the effect of the number of bloody mary’s I had downed or the low wind chill factor, it definitely didn’t feel like freezing point. Or it could be that I was still distracted by the exemplary display of talent one sees on a typical talent hunt show today. The ceremony had properly choreographed dance performances, complete with the stage, lighting, smoke, projector screen et al! Both the girls side and guys side appeared to have descended from the bollywood dance gharanas of the K3G generation.

As I was leaving, I saw the grass absolutely frozen. But perhaps that sight had become all too familiar in Finland and I ignored it out of habit. Only the next morning I was informed by my dad that the temperatures had touched a new low. For some reason ppl imagine 0 degrees to be extremely cold and unimaginable. But it’s not so (having experienced it out of India so far). Nowadays the minimum temperature of Helsinki and Delhi are practically the same (at night). But the wind chill factor is what makes it different. At least the sun’s rays here are at an angle where they emit some heat, unlike the faux sunny day appearance around Arctic circle areas, which is more meant to dazzle you than warm you. After November rain (in Finland), December Dhundh, January frost, I am waiting for a date with Miss snow sometime soon, even though in coming years. Doesn’t look like that day is very far off.