The Tsunami within

With a disaster of the scale of tsunami, new aspects of tragedy are being exposed. While some people are going out of their way to help victims, some have stooped to the inhumane level of selling the dead bodies to relatives, in return for dollars!! One would think that at a time like this, tragedy unites people. But I dont have words for this kind of a thing.

New problems are cropping up each day. Things like child trafficking are expected to reach an all time high. Due to this the government has stopped adoption of tsunami orphans. There are also reports of dogs turning into maneaters and attacking people. It really is the survival of the fittest.

Besides this, I dont understand just how someone can name new born babies after a disaster! Till date I used to think that the worst name possible in this world would be ‘Osama Bin Laden”. This name has been replaced by ‘Tsunami’. Just how in the world can parents or ‘lucky-to-be-alive-relatives’ think of naming a child as something which continuously reminds them of their sorrow! AFA the child is concerned, the baby has already been doomed since birth with a name like that.

But what can one say about the “brand name” that Tsunami is now becoming. Right from Tsunami matches to Tsunami sales, Tsunami concerts and what not. Everything seems to have the Tsunami tag with it. With the kind of corruption witnessed in the relief process, I surely hope that the organisers of such things are honest and the participants in such events who think they are doing a good turn to the mankind are not let down.

There’s a big setback to the nations hit by the Tsunami and it would take a long time rehabilitating. On the other hand, the Tsunami disaster has had some benefits, ironically. There were some reports of how the states struck by the Tsunami are now richer by crores because of the huge titanium deposits which have landed from the ocean floor onto the beaches. Titanium is one of the rarest and costliest element used in hi-tech things like aircrafts, rockets, cellphones etc.
Another trend, kind of similar to ‘the survival of the fittest’, was seen recently. It can be expected that the huge monetary funds in Tsunami relief would not reach the right recipients. Corruption is one taker. The other one is the common man. There would be many ppl who have not been affected by the Tsunami at all, and would have lost nothing. But they would be there to take help from the relief rich states. In fact they might be getting more than they ever had. A shelter, food, clothes, some belongings! Reports in papers mention that beggars from Karnataka have gone over to TamilNadu to the Tsunami struck areas, to cash in on the benefit. Nature has its way of taking food from one mouth and putting it in another.

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