Don’t ask

Don’t ask what I have been upto, coz I don’t have a clue myself, about where my time goes. I have been quite busy at office. As if managing ones’ own work wasn’t enough of a task, supervising a number of ppl (read duds), considering that you would rather do the job yourself than delegate to them, is worse. I see some serious flaws in the companys recruitment process now. Soon, I would complete five years in the same company, which is *quite* a long time, though we have a whole lot of “10-years-in-the-company-and-still-going-strong” ppl. Whether it’s an achievement or plain lethargy – Don’t ask.

The diwali week was as usual. Apart from my being stuck in a royal traffic jam for 2 hours (for a 5-10 minute distance) and missing my piano classes as a result, there was nothing “exploding” about it. Two days later my car broke down, thankfully not in the middle of nowhere but the clutch plates had to be replaced. How I managed to stop *myself* from “exploding” – Don’t ask.

The diwali weekend was spent coughing away to glory because of the enormous pollution levels (yours truly being asthmatic) and ultimately resulting in a bad case of cold/cough/fever series. The number of times I get this cold/cough/fever series in a year – Don’t ask. I have lost count.

I have finally shifted to Gurgaon in my own house. And alone at that (that was my own whim). How I am managing to stay all alone in a 3 BR, ground floor house – Don’t ask. My new friends are spidey – I, II, III (it goes on … ). At times they glance at me from the ceiling. At other times, I have mousey, playing hide and seek. My favourite sport now is “swat the maximum mosquitoes in one go”. I pray to the gods to give me multiple pairs of hands like them, so that I can manage all the household chores single multihandedly along with office. Maybe 10 heads like Ravanna won’t be a bad idea either. One could plan out separate activities with each perhaps. There’s no furniture in the house right now, as I had written in an adventurous post earlier. There are total 4 plastic chairs and of course the 3 bar stools for the breakfast counter. So at a time only 7 ppl can visit my house. Where the others will sit – Don’t ask.

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