Daily Archives: January 12, 2004

Delhi Bloggers Meet 2

Do I, dont I.. Do I, don’t I.. and no, I am not plucking any flower petals to decide whether I should go for the DBM or not. This is what has been going on in my mind generally. Normally I would be *really* enthusiastic about anything that’s different from normal but this is something like a blind date which is HUGE in magnitude! Well, I have hardly read the bloggers who are to come for the DBM and honestly speaking I have consciously avoided reading any, so as to not form any presumptions..(they all would be cleared anyway 😛 if I go to the DBM).
But what would it be like, going to meet ppl who you don’t know a single thing about! Except for the fact that they have one thing in common with you – a blog..and maybe another.. – Delhi.. hell I dont know the actual names of many..but then I guess the psuedonyms should suffice. It would all depend on my impulsiveness at THE moment.. and of course, my official obligations. In the past, they haven’t left me with much time for anything else.
So as of now DBM here I come!!!