RT @naam_pk: “A Wednesday” spoof on demonetization.. ?? WATCH n RT https://t.co/NZu3QThXY1


@_pallavighosh why do u keep sharing ancient whatsapp forwards as facts?

@GulPanag oh boy! I couldn’t stop staring at the boy (whatever is visible ) ?☺️?

@gkhamba hello. What delhi walk are u organising? Are u even active here ?

RBI guv breaks silence on demonetisation shar.es/18r9Zj Also known as the art of saying a lot without having to be meaningful

@saffrontrail haha never mind.. If u know me, I sometimes “revive” 2 day old threads too ☺️

RT @samitbasu: Books coverage in the Indian media https://t.co/qNkT01FeZd


@surekhapillai may be the organisers decided at the last moment or something

@surekhapillai oh.. Missed this time.. Had no idea about it which is strange. usually kaheen se toh message aa jata hai. And I’m in Delhi ?

@sethrishi this one was OK..other stuff was better .. Will share in staggered mode soon

@boy_mediocre @ajit_ranade did he say he was dishonest? If u take son’s stmt into acct also take testimony by others abt his honesty as well